Month: February 2014

Icy Middle Finger

As much as I love the snow, I am just about ready for some patios, motorcycles, golf and shorts. This afternoon, after shoveling for the umpteenth time this year, I went out to take some pictures (making the most of the mild temperature) and when I reviewed them, it was as if mother nature was rubbing it in. So I’m giving this Icy Middle Finger right back at her.


© 2014 MNRD Photography – Specs: Nikon D800 | Nikkor 60mm Micro with 3x Extension Tubes (36mm, 20mm, 12mm)


Decoding the Exposure Triangle

Far too often, people get caught up in, or tripped up by, the numbers involved in Photography. f/stops, shutter speeds, ISO values… You might as well be trying to decode the Bermuda Triangle. But once you understand how they work, both individually and together, the world of creative photography opens up like the proverbial oyster. For years, I’ve been teaching students to keep it simple… The more you over-think the numbers, the more frustrating it becomes.

I’ve seen a lot of graphics outlining the Exposure Triangle, but haven’t really come across a comprehensive, yet easy to understand visual representation of it. So, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to devise a way to illustrate a comprehensive version of the Exposure Triangle, while keeping it simple enough so that it doesn’t overwhelm. Hopefully this helps some of you that may have been struggling with putting it all together.

Click for full size, printable version.

Click for full size, printable version.

MNRD Studio Renos

Well, after a year+ of renovations to the basement following some water and (gasp!) mold issues, the studio is back up and operational. Rustic barnboard style laminate flooring, 5000k led pot lights, eggshell white walls and shaker-style trimmings. We are extremely happy with the results and looking forward to getting back to business.

MNRD_Studio-1 MNRD_Studio-4 MNRD_Studio-3 MNRD_Studio-2