Ali & Matt | Sun-soaked Wedding

No one could have asked for better weather for their wedding weekend. Ali & Matt soaked it all in and we had a wonderful time capturing every moment.

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The Proposal – Nawaz & Zahra

We were honoured to be asked to shoot Nawaz’ uber-romantic proposal to his lovely girlfriend Zahra. His months of planning payed off in spades, and the weather (despite a favorable forecast) held out just long enough not to spoil a single second of it…

Sneak Peek – Michelle & George

What a blast! That about sums up Michelle & George’s wedding this past weekend.

There was never a dull moment; from the guys wrestling and taking jabs at each other, to the fun traditions and dances at the reception, it was a great day (and the weather even cooperated!)

Here is a little sneak peek of the festivities…

E-session – Michelle & George

After a whirlwind week in Thunder Bay shooting Patricia & Larry’s wonderful country wedding, we drove straight through to get back to T.O. for an urban/beach themed engagement shoot with Michelle & George, which was scheduled for Saturday evening. The couple had just moved into their new house in the beach, so we planned a route to explore their new surroundings. The weather wasn’t exactly cooperating, and an accident delayed Michelle coming back from her make-up appointment, but there was no turning back. We all just had to adapt. We are quite pleased with the results, and hope that the bride and groom to be are as well…

Sneek Peek – Desiree & Tyler

We shot our first wedding of the Summer this past weekend with the always stunning Desiree & Tyler. Their complete trust in us made this already wonderful day even more special. And for the icing on the cake, the couple announced that they are expecting! So we will hopefully be seeing more of them very soon. What a spectacular start to the wedding season…