A Different Perspective…

…Is the simplest way to better pictures. Plain and simple.

Most images are taken from eye level (booooring). It is what we see on a daily basis. So I ask you this: When was the last time you saw someone crawling around on the ground and, when you inquired (quite concernedly, I would assume) as to what they were doing, they simply replied “I just wanted to see what it looked like from down here.” NEVER! So be that person. Look at the world in ways most people can’t or don’t. Just make sure you have a camera in your hand so you don’t look too crazy.

Spring has sprung-3

Although better than a typical angle, this shot has been done time and time again.

Spring has sprung-2

Instead, get down and shoot up to the

Spring Has Sprung

subject to create something different


Old MTL – In the Dark

PT.2 – Some night and interior images from a recent photo excursion to Montreal. Fuji X20 technical note for those who care about that stuff: When I first brought the RAW files from the Fuji X20 into Lightroom, I wasn’t terribly impressed with the noise in images at or above ISO 400. However, once I reduced the colour noise, the luminance noise that remained spoke volumes to the detail that Fuji has been putting into their sensors/cameras. Especially once converted to Black & White, this is the closest thing I’ve seen to traditional film grain come out of a digital camera. So much so, that I will use higher ISOs on this camera for creative purposes. It’s that good.

Place D’Armes

Bank of Montreal


Statue in the Square




Ominous Entrance


Cobblestone Alley


Notre Dame Basilica – Exterior


Notre Dame Basilica – Interior


Candles and Crosses – Notre Dame Basilica


Heavenly Light – Notre Dame Basilica


Light & Symmetry – Notre Dame Basilica


From the Cheap Seats – Notre Dame Basilica


Flickering Prayers – Notre Dame Basilica


Gospel from Above – Notre Dame Basilica


Grandiose – Notre Dame Basilica