Sucker for Simplicity

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for simple, uncluttered images. I’m also drawn to the idea of conveying emotion in a picture. However, you don’t necessarily need a person (or an object, for that matter) in your image to convey emotion. Colours, lines, textures, shapes, patterns, etc. can all work together, or individually, to get a certain feeling across to the viewer. So the next time you are out taking pictures, try to simplify by choosing compositions that are made up entirely of one or more of the elements above.

By eliminating a distinct point of interest in the photo below, the image can portray a feeling of isolation, desolation or, to some people, perhaps serenity or calm.  The idea of art is to evoke different feelings from different people and keeping it simple leaves your photos open to interpretation.

Colour, texture and lines all combine here to make this simple composition more interesting.


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